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Company Information

Actility is a world leader of Low-Power Wide Area Networks (LPWAN) for the Internet of Things, as one of the original authors of the fast-growing LoRaWAN long range, low power protocol.

Over 50 public network services providers and thousands of enterprises use the ThingPark platform all over the world.

Actility also provides patented ultra-low power geolocation technologies through its subsidiary Abeeway.

Actility teams don’t just connect sensors with wireless networks, though. The ThingPark platform is the engine behind many innovations which improve the way we grow crop and livestock and enhance safety and productivity of many industries, contributing to a more sustainable economy.

Our Solutioning team is constantly scouting for new innovative solutions in the thriving LoRaWAN ecosystem, testing them and then promoting them to our customer base through the ThingPark Marketplace.

Our Solutioning team also seeks to facilitate the learning curve and work of developers, and we provide educational material as well as free access to our platforms to the ThingPark Community.

What they are looking for

We are a team of talented, driven and open-minded people, with a hands-on approach and a strong “can do” spirit.

We take customer challenges and use our collective skills to bring the best solutions, as fast as possible. Customer satisfaction is our fuel.

We are team players happy to work within a truly multi-cultural team in a global business context. Over 90% of interactions withing the team are in English.

But first and foremost, we are passionate IoT technology and how it can make a difference for our customers and partners.

Good to know

At Actility, we like sports, all sorts of sports: we've got an awesome running team, a football gang and a couple of yogis!

We are a horizontal structure where anyone can talk to anyone. There are no silos or strict top down hierarchies. We think communication is essential, every week we publish an internal newsletter with comprehensive information about ongoing work, successes and challenges in ALL teams, so anyone can bring their ideas to help, or relay positive news on social media.

We also strongly encourage external communication as videos or social media, on any initiative or best practice the teams want to share.

We have a strong “start-up spirit”, and over 50% of the staff has repeated start-up experience from initial idea to full scale-up. We already have a number of colleagues who left to create their own IoT start-up.

Apply and join the team if you like challenges and love to see how your contribution makes a difference. You will find both personal and professional development through sharing and learning, and a strong, warm and energizing team spirit.

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